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A Poem About the Dragon Computer

By Chat-GPT

In realms of tech, where circuits dance,
A creature emerges, a digital trance.
Its fiery breath, a code so bright,
The Dragon computer, a majestic sight.

Within its depths, a power untold,
A symbol of innovation, brave and bold.
Its scales of metal, sleek and refined,
Unleashing prowess, a brilliant mind.

With wings of code, it soars the skies,
Unraveling mysteries, unveiling lies.
Its fiery gaze, algorithms ablaze,
Conquering challenges in its digital maze.

A guardian of knowledge, it fiercely guards,
Processing data with lightning-fast regards.
In its realm, a world of endless might,
The Dragon computer, a beacon of light.

From lines of code, a symphony springs,
As it weaves and paints, the magic it brings.
A realm of wonders, where dreams take flight,
The Dragon computer, a source of delight.

Oh, Dragon computer, elegant and rare,
In your circuits, the future we dare.
You inspire us, with your digital grace,
Leading us to a new technological embrace.

So let us marvel, in awe we stand,
At the Dragon computer, grand and grand.
In this realm of bytes and dreams anew,
The Dragon’s fire burns, forever true.

I was a little late to the party in trying out ChatGPT, and I know that people have asked it to write poems about this computer before. I simply asked it to “Write me a poem about the Dragon computer”, and did not give any specific model reference or mention of it being a retro machine. ChatGPT has made the Dragon sound like a technological marvel. It’s not perfect, but I like it!

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Shipping Policy and Costs

As of April 2023, Royal Mail have made significant changes to the way their services are charged. This has enabled us to simplify things greatly for this store. Please see the Shipping Policy for more details.

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Website Speed

The website can sometimes seem a little slow, and for that we apologise. It’s sitting on a dual-core AWS server, which isn’t the smallest one available, but it is by no means a really powerful beast. The website doesn’t make enough money to justify what would almost be a doubling of server costs, although that is reviewed every three years when the reserved instance comes up for renewal.

I have tried implementing various forms of caching, but they interfere with the way the store displays available items, thus not showing some products – which is not very helpful to the store or the customer.