00 – SuperSprite Compilation Toolkit PSR (6809) v1

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00 - SuperSprite Compilation Toolkit PSR (6809) v1

This toolkit is supplied by Pere Serrat. It comes without warranty, but it is hoped it will demonstrate coding for the V9958, as well as the methods that Pere has been employing to easily generate executable code for more than one target system at a time. The following instructions are from Pere.

The eight small binaries that show colour combinations on screen are now built for both CoCo/Dragon and for both MPI/Oojamaflip. The zip file contains:

  • a folder with all of the source files (BAS and ASM)
  • a folder with the directory structure needed to compile programs and get the two outputs: VDK and DSK files

The programs themselves switch to V9958 mode but do not revert to 6847 as there are more binaries to be executed. The Basic program is responsible for that final switch back to 6847.

In the folders structure you will find a Tools directory that contains a few 'clean' master virtual files (for CoCo and Dragon). Then there are two more folders named CoCo and Dragon, each one has the programs needed to insert binary files in a disk image.

For compiling you will find 4 files (in _Tools-PC-folders):

  • c.bat is a simple compilation file that will compile for Dragon only (testing, for instance)
  • DraCo4.bat will compile four executables:
      • Dragon FF5x
      • Dragon FF7x
      • Coco FF5x
      • Coco FF7x
  • all8.bat is a convenient way to compile a series of source files that will go together in the same virtual disk.
      • All8.bat creates four binaries for each source file by calling DraCo4.bat.
  • DC-PACK.bat is the final tool to put together all of the BIN files inside a virtual disk with the name D180.VDK and the files .BIC into C160.DSK after renaming them to BIN.