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A New Dragon Shop!

A new online store dedicated to the 1980s’ Dragon computer? Well yes, for now. It may branch out into supporting other computers/spares in time, but for now, this is pretty much all Dragon.

Those of you who follow the Facebook Dragon 32 group will know that I’ve sold a couple of types of add-on board for the Dragon 32/64/200 both on that group, and via eBay. This was the very successful lower case device (the Dragon 200E replica daughter-board), and the far more complex DragonPlus board – after which this site takes its name.

I’ve enjoyed making and selling these boards directly on the group, and via eBay – however, I decided the time was right to put together a proper store to group things together, as sometimes selling on Facebook felt like I was blatantly spamming the group. eBay can feel decidedly dodgy at the best of times – but when the item price is higher, this being the case with the DragonPlus boards, so too does the element of risk involved.

I also plan to upload some technical findings on here too – like oscilloscope traces, or logic analyser outputs that I’ve performed – which may be used later as a baseline for other people’s fault finding.