8 x TMS4164-15 : Texas Instruments 64K x 1-bit DRAM


8 x Texas Instruments TMS4164-15 ICs.

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A set of 8 64K x 1-bit DRAM chips. 150ns access time.

These will either be new old stock, or recovered components – but in either case, they will have been tested in a suitable computer to ensure they are functioning correctly. This is an important difference to many RAM chips sold on eBay and the like, which are not tested – and there can be around a 5% failure rate on these 30 year old components.

Please note that strictly speaking, these RAM chips are said to not be suitable for a Dragon 32 or 64. This is because they require a 256-cycle refresh, but the Dragon’s SAM chip only supports a 128-cycle refresh. In practice, I have not actually seen these chips fail, but ideally, for a Dragon, you want the KM4164 chips instead.

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Either unused new old stock, fully tested. Or recovered components, fully tested.