Dragon PSU Board – Kit Version


Important notes

  • Only one set of instructions will be supplied.
  • If you resell this kit:
    • it is your responsibility to ensure that the buyer is aware of the safety instructions.
    • as reseller, you become responsible in the unlikely event of component failures/bad end-user builds etc.

Ramoth’s Dragon power board in kit version – brought to you by DragonPlus Electronics.

Please read the safety notice regarding this home-brew power board before contemplating purchase.

This board requires a suitable 12V DC Regulated power supply capable of supplying between 2A and 3.5A, with a centre-positive 2.1mm barrel jack. A suitable power supply on the UK market is available from Rapid. This is NOT supplied with the board.

See below for more details of what this board offers.

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This board is much more than a simple replacement for the original Dragon power supply solution.

First of all – what will you lose?

  • The original RF modulated video output is not present on this board. Does anyone really use this today?
  • You will no longer need the white power brick outside the Dragon.

And what do you gain?

  • Once paired with a suitable external power supply (see link above), you will gain a much cooler, more efficient power source for your Dragon.
  • You will have uprated capacity on the 5 volt rail – up to 2A available.
  • The board is configurable to work with all Dragons except the SECAM models – so D32, D64, D200, D200E and Tano Dragon.
  • Additional board headers make it really easy to tap into that additional 5 volt capacity – for powering some peripherals – e.g. a Gotek.
  • The board can support RGB solutions – although you may need to modify the SYNC line slightly if you need in-line impedance.

Full instructions can be found here, or by clicking ‘Support’ in the menus.