DragonPlus Board for Dragon 64 (Assembled)


A second display for your Dragon 64/200. Note that a different build configuration is required for most Dragon 32 machines (including those upgraded to 64K), dependent on the position of the SAM chip. Contact me for details.

  • Clear 80-column monochrome display:
    • Works with OS9, Flex, EDIT128.
    • Frees up RAM in OS9 and Flex, as video RAM is on-board and dedicated.
  • 64K RAM Disk
    • Can be used as an additional RAM drive.

This assembled board is suitable for use with all models of Dragon 64 or Dragon 200. Technically it should also work with Tano Dragons, as it connects only to the SAM and ROM sockets. The kit has not been tested for size inside a Tano Dragon however.

The board is supplied with an additional 40-pin DIL socket, in case you need to re-socket your SAM. This is because many original Dragons had very strange (by today’s standards) sockets with tiny pin holes. Replacing with a modern socket makes for an easier and better connection to the motherboard.

Please see below for more information and links to videos of the board in operation.

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What is DragonPlus?

Advertised by Compusense in 1985 as the “Ultimate Expansion For Your Dragon”, Roy Coates (of Manic Miner conversion fame) put it to the test for the Dragon User article. Roy takes the reader on a whistle-stop tour of the specifications and fitting of the board, listing it’s components as follows:

  • 64K of dynamic RAM
  • A 6845 Video Display Generator as used in the BBC Micro
  • An 8K EPROM containing the character set
  • A 2K RAM chip used as screen memory for the 80 columns of 24 rows of text
  • The SAM chip from your Dragon
  • The [or one of the] ROM chips from your Dragon

The conclusion in Dragon User was as follows:

  • The 80 column display is very, very fast and exceptionally clear.
  • The virtual disk gives the impression of using a ‘real’ system, and offers a lot more flexibility.
  • A recommendation that the DragonPlus may be better value for single disk-drive users than a second disk drive.

See the DragonPlus board in operation here:  (OS9) (Flex) (Edit+)

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New: Other

Mostly new components and PCB. Some old components – fully tested – but due to age, leaded solder will be present.