Lower Case Text Upgrade for Dragon 32/64/200 – Kit Version


The self-build version of the popular lower case text upgrade for your Dragon 32/64/200.

  • All required components included.
  • Supplied with several retro character sets.
  • Retains MC6847 character set for true compatibility.
  • Supports inverse video – i.e. boot with green on black rather than black on green.
  • User configurable character switching.
  • Intermediate build difficulty, using three 1.27mm pitch SMD chips.
  • Full build instruction: D200E Lower Case Daughterboard SMT Kit Build Instructions.
  • Built module is easy to fit.

Ships in ‘Large Letter’ carton, so shipping costs kept low worldwide.

Please note that these boards have a minor fault. It is very simple to fix, and just involves inserting C5 from the underside and bending/soldering it’s leg to the nearby exposed Vcc rail (see photos).

This assembled board is suitable for use with all models of Dragon 32, 64 or Dragon 200. The kit has not been tested for size inside a Tano Dragon, however it is expected to fit without issue.

The board is supplied with an additional 40-pin DIL socket to solder into the location originally occupied by the MC6847. Please note that an MC6847 is not supplied with this kit. It is anticipated that with care you will be able to reuse your existing chip. If you do need an extra one, you will find them in the spares section of this store.

The instructions are available here Lower Case Board Instructions v3.

New version of D200E board - coming soon

New version of D200E board

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What is the lower case text upgrade?

Based upon the very popular 2019 reproduction of the original Eurohard Dragon 200E lower case board, this new board comes with some additional features, and much more compatibility across the Dragon range.

Whilst the original board provided lower case and accented text in preparation for sale to the Spanish market, as well as an inverse screen display, this new board has in addition, the following features:

  • a much smaller footprint enabling fitting into Dragon 32s, 64s and 200s (once MC6847 is removed and socketed).
  • support for EPROMs in the 27xx range, from 2732 to 27512 – by jumper settings.
  • a broad range of retro character sets supplied as standard – including:
      • MC6847 (for compatibility)
      • Dragon 200E character set with accented characters and lower case.
      • Dragon 200E character set with lower case.
      • TI99/4A character set with lower case.
      • ZX Spectrum character set.
      • CGA Light character set with accented characters and lower case.
      • CGA Light character set with lower case.
      • CGA Bold character set with accented characters and lower case.
      • CGA Bold character set with lower case.

The character sets with accented characters are perfect for use with the Dragon 200E BASIC ROM, whilst those with lower case only have been ‘normalised’ for maximum compatibility with the original Dragon 32/64/200 ROMs.

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New: Other

Mostly new components and PCB. Some old components – fully tested – but due to age, leaded solder will be present.