SuperRGB 6×09 – for Dragon and CoCo (1&2) Computers


After a long period of planning, development and testing, the SuperRGB board for the Coco and Dragon is now available. This board is based on Phill Harvey-Smith’s original DragonRGB board (in turn based on his Atom colour board), which plugged into the MC6847 socket and provided clear RGB output for both the Dragon and Coco. The latest manuals, guides and software will be maintained here. Please ensure you download the latest version (last updated 28th August 2023).

Supports MC6847 and MC6847T1 chips.

There are more technical details about the board below. Here I want to explain the ordering options available.

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This board set delivers clear RGB output to your Dragon or Tandy CoCo 1 or 2, implementing a much needed feature which was only in it’s infancy when these computers were brought to market. Certainly it may not have been available when the Coco was launched in 1980, though was available when the Dragon was launched – although required an expensive RGB monitor. The board is designed to be as flexible as possible with respect to installation and usage. You will need to work out exactly how to mount it in your device, especially as there are so many different layouts of Coco – although visual checks have determined that the boards should fit into all models OK.

Please note that a SCART cable is not included. This is left to the end user, as it depends which output system you intend to use.

Key Product Specifications:

  • Plugs into a socketed MC6847 slot.
  • Possible one-time set up – although should work ‘out of the box’.
    • If it does require adjustment, this is with a simple variable resistor on the rear of the main board.
    • Supports NTSC and PAL displays/software.
  • Plug and play – switch on and forget – no menus – just starts up.
  • Cost effective.
  • Beautiful clear multi-colour display.