This section will go into more detail about some of our self-developed products, like the lower case daughterboard or the DragonPlus kit as well as the forthcoming Dragon MSX2+ add-on board.

There are additional items for sale in the Shop section, but this is just for our ‘homegrown’ stuff.

Dragon 200E Lower Case Daughterboard

Dragon 200E Lower Case Daughterboard Replica v2.0
Dragon 200E Lower Case Daughterboard

Display true lower case letters on a Dragon 32, 64 or 200.

The DragonPlus Board

DragonPlus board installed

The inspiration for this website and quite simply the king of Dragon add-ons back in the 1985. A second display output with monochrome, crisp 80-column text along with an additional 64K of dynamic RAM on board which can be used as a virtual floppy drive in OS9.

The Oojamaflip

Oojamaflip 2020 - side view
Oojamaflip 2020 – side view

Inside one of my Dragon 64s acquired a few years ago was a small, seemingly quite insignificant board. Internally connected was a bare DragonDOS interface board with a 34-way floppy drive cable exiting the rear of the Dragon through a neatly carved gap. This little board was a cartridge port expander, designed to provide an additional expansion port inside the Dragon, whilst retaining the external through-port.

I confess I didn’t attach much significance to this little board to start with, but as I began to experiment with other projects – like the WordPak 2+ board, it’s usefulness came to light as a way to have both a DOS solution and an additional add-on board connected.

Dragon MSX 2+ Board

The next big project at DragonPlus Electronics is the Dragon MSX 2+ board. Based upon the WordPak 2+ board by CocoDemus, and with support from Pere Serrat and Bas Gialopsos, this board is currently under development. After a heavy period of breadboarding not only the original V9958 circuit, as well as implementing a YM2149 sound chip and YM2413 FM generator chip into the same – not to mention the production of my first ever implementation of a CPLD, the first prototype PCBs were ordered in June. These worked, by-and-large, and the prototype boards are now with Pere and Bas.

There’s lots of work to do on these boards yet – but they are ‘a thing’ – they are exciting – and I hope to be able to offer a finish product for sale.

Please click the image to read a lot more about this boards ongoing development.